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Discussion on ACS and ACM


Discussion on ACS and ACM

Australian computer Society (ACS) is the part of Society regulation which is regulated to all the members who works in information and Communication technology (ICT) all over the Australia. And Association for Computing machinery (ACM) is the professional Code of ethics that applies to all the all computing professionals, teachers, scholars, including current and aspiring practitioners, influencers, and anyone who uses computing technology in an impactful way globally (ACM, 2018).

According to the ACM in section 1.1, it safeguards the fundamental human rights of the individual and promotes everyone to use their skills for the benefits of the society and environmental sustainability both globally and locally whereas ACS in section 1.2.2 promotes the quality of life and ensures the well being of disable or disadvantageous people particularly. Also, it asks its members to protect and promote those individuals affected by their work.  

ACM in the Section 1.2 talks about avoiding harm in the meaning that all the ICT individuals should minimize the internal or external harms to others. All individuals are asked to follow best practices to safeguard others and in situation of risk “Blow the whistle” if leaders don’t act to reduce harm whereas ACS in section 1.2.1 says that public interest should be precedence’s over the personal, private and sectional interest. It also addresses the preservation of confidentiality of others along with the integrity, security of ICT (ACS, 2014).

ACM in the section 1.3 says no individuals should misrepresent the organization policy and should not speak on the behalf of organization unless permitted too whereas ACS in section 1.2.3 says should not attempt enhance the own’s reputation on the expenses of others.

ACM in the section 1.5 discusses the topic surrounding the respect of trademark, patent, copywrite and promotes individual not to claim private ownership on the shared public resources whereas ACS in the section 1.2.4 talks about the competence and asks all the individual to recognize their skills limits to reduce the harm to society but doesn’t limit their creativity or new ideas.

ACS in section 1.2.6 says individual essential to distance themselves professionally from someone whose membership of the ACS has been terminated because of unethical conduct or unsatisfactory behaviour whereas ACM involves the discussion of involvement in some training programs that may involve discipline, but not very clear.

ACM 1.7 says to respect the privacy of others (Don Gotterbarn, 2018)and ACM 1.4 talks about principles of equal justice and respect for others whereas ACS 1.2.2.d says individual must attempt to increase the feelings of personal satisfaction, control of those affected by my work and competence. 

In a Nutshell,

From the detailed analysis of the Association of Computing Machinery (ACM) and Australian Computer Society (ACS) are:

 ACM discuss about the Environment whereas ACS doesn’t discuss about the Environment in the code of Ethics rather talks about the people and their Well-being, also ACM discuss about the ‘Whistle Blowing ‘if the leaders act in the favour of harm whereas there is nothing mentioned about the whistle blowing in the ACS. ACS has promoted to society interest above their own. However, there is no option or mechanism provided in the case of the international conflict except by law or nationalist. Beside these most of area and topics are covered in both code of ethics.

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