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Features you need to know about VMware vSphere 6.5


VMware has recently launched its new vSphere 6.5 , which is the leading industry level virtualization platform. vSphere 6.5 supports more security features, universal support and simplified user experience that differentiate vSphere 6.5 from other fellow versions. I have tried to list some of the major features of the VMware vSphere 6.5 as:

  • vSphere High Availability (HA) allows to restart the VM on another available servers during downtime,
  • VMware ESXi that abstract the resources of the physical server into the multiple virtual machines,
  • VMware vCenter server that provides the single point for configuring, managing and monitoring the virtualized environment,
  • VMware vSphere client that allows users to access vCenter server remotely,
  • VMware vSphere Web that allows users connect remotely to server regardless of any browser,
  • VMware vSphere SDKs that define interface standard for VMware and third-party solutions,
  • vSphere virtual machine file system(VMFS) that provides high performance cluster file system for VM,
  • vSphere virtual SMP that allows to use multiple processors for single VM,
  • vSphere vMotion that provides live migration supporting continues HA,
  • vSphere storage vMotion that allows migration of storage without service intervention giving more flexibility,
  • vSphere Distributed Resources Scheduler (DRS) allows load balancing within the resources,
  • vSphere Distributed power management (DPM) reduces the power consumption in datacentre,
  • vSphere storage DRS enhance space management and reduces I/O bottlenecks,
  • vSphere Fault tolerance supports HA making secondary copy of original VM – Its beneficial during downtime or disaster recovery,
  • vSphere Distributed Switch (VDS) increases efficiency of VM though consistent network configuration
  • Host profile allows user to deploy entire host configuration either user customised or default maintaining the consistency and preciseness across the ACL’s datacentre. It is also called vSphere Auto deploy component (VMware, 2017).
  • vSphere Replication: 5-minute recovery point objective (RPO) supports new data type allowing users to replicate the VM workloads.
  • vCenter Server Appliances: This tool package allows ACL to execute the backup for the critical data on the appliances such as data and configuration. In addition, values for Recovery time objective (RTO) and Recovery point objective (RPO) are high.
  • Independent platform: vSphere 6.5 is independent of any platform and support non-windows platform such as Linux, Debian, ubuntu providing flexibility and reducing the dependencies.

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