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4 common mistake in LinkedIn profile




The largest professional network site is LinkedIn where people/professional and individual can stay connected with the other professional and millions of other users. It allows the user to follow the great personality providing the ideas for their inspiration. LinkedIn serves as the platform for exchanging the ideas, innovation, knowledge and employments opportunities among the different individuals. It provides employers with the tools to hire the people though the online portal. Moreover, LinkedIn provides access to more than 200,000,000 professional career paths, allowing us to interact or follow desired professional position. LinkedIn is the great way to publish you online, i.e. anyone can easily find on the google if you have represented the well LinkedIn profile as the LinkedIn appears in first or second search place. According to the study done by Gravitate over 8 million clicks, more than 94 % of the users like to click on first search results and only 6% click the second result on the google. (Gravitate). So, more you are on the top, more you have opportunity to be hired.


4 common mistake in LinkedIn profile

  1. Improper profile picture

    Profile picture is the first things any recruiter observes. Most of the people doesn’t take profile picture seriously on the LinkedIn and even some doesn’t change the profile picture from the default setting. This is the biggest mistake done by the user in the LinkedIn as the profile picture plays the lead role in the interaction. The profile should always be professional and should represent what you are



This LinkedIn picture seems great, but it doesn’t look professional which may company looking for. Company always seeks for the people who are responsible, and this profile doesn’t reflect that.


  1. Poor headline:

    Headline are the small lines that always appears with our name. If someone search for your name, headline are the only things that appears besides your name. The eye-catching headline can drive the people to open your profile or the poor headline can do vice-versa. Rather than just representing the position you gained for, you should always try to make the headline related to your personality.

The example of good headlines:



The headline used by Laura is impressive, words like ‘very best’, ‘worlds’ denotes the quality see is looking for and what she represents.


  1. Undescribed summary:

    Summary of the LinkedIn represents everything about you, what you stand for and what you are looking for. The summary should describe about your achievement, interest, goal, hobbies and all the certification you have achieved and want to achieve in your life.

The poor summary in the LinkedIn profile can leave people with the negative image of your personality which can affect your career as well. however, if maintain good profile- you end up with good opportunities in your life. Check this out


  1. Lack of multimedia contents:

    Summary and the work experience section allows the user to upload the multimedia file or to like the external site to better represent your ideas. Mostly people starts building the other stuff like profile picture, summary but miss the content of your profile. According to the survey done by LinkedIn in 2015, users having multimedia contents are more like to get 60% more post engagement. This can seriously help people to build the better network and increase the chances of employability. (LinkedIn,2012).

So, don’t repeat such mistake in your case. hope this article helps you !


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