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4 benefits of using linkedIn


Last updated on February 7, 2018


The largest professional network site is LinkedIn where people/professional and individual can stay connected with the other professional and millions of other users. It allows the user to follow the great personality providing the ideas for their inspiration. LinkedIn serves as the platform for exchanging the ideas, innovation, knowledge and employments opportunities among the different individuals. It provides employers with the tools to hire the people though the online portal. Moreover, LinkedIn provides access to more than 200,000,000 professional career paths, allowing us to interact or follow desired professional position. LinkedIn is the great way to publish you online, i.e. anyone can easily find on the google if you have represented the well LinkedIn profile as the LinkedIn appears in first or second search place. According to the study done by Gravitate over 8 million clicks, more than 94 % of the users like to click on first search results and only 6% click the second result on the google. (Gravitate). So, more you are on the top, more you have opportunity to be hired.


Some of the main merits of using LinkedIn for our career are:

  1. Opportunity for international jobs:

    As LinkedIn is the global networking platform, we can be hired from the overseas if we are capable of what the employers looking for. We can connect with the major international companies and can apply though the online platform. Also, if we have enough qualities to meet the job requirements, we are no more far from getting our dream job. LinkedIn is one of the best platform where people can get hired if they maintain their personal brand effectively. however, sometimes people do mistake in making of LinkedIn profile. Check this out


  1. Company research:

    One of the fascinating features of the LinkedIn, it allows the job seekers and graduates to check out the company pages of their interest. This facilate the user to study the selection process, their requirements keeping them one step ahead of the other competitors. The job seekers can also check out what people have say about their experience with company to better understand company image.


  1. Connection with professionals:

    Professionals on LinkedIn are always open to make connection which can helps for the better guidance of our career. The company always seeks the user with the high connection and network for the job. This lets you to build the better network in the international platform increasing your chance of the employability.

  1. Allowing companies finds you:

    in the present time, numbers of organizations seek out for the talented candidates for position in their companies. The professional LinkedIn profile with the great explanation for what you are and what you are aiming for can increase the attention of the great companies.


So, what you waiting for – start your career right from the linkedIn today.



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