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10 trending careers in next 5 years


Last updated on April 21, 2019

Today, we will highlight some best career to choose to act like a pro in the next five years. I have made some of the list from the different academic sources and data

  1. Health care and social assistance:

Ageing population and increased demand for the child care has led to increase the call of health care services and social assistance globally. In contrary according to the Australian department of employment, growth of employment in the industry is expected to increase by 16.1 % i.e. about increment of 250,500 employees in the industry in the next 5 years (“Department of employment,”2017). The primary factor contributing for such increase can be taken as the implementation of the National Disability insurance scheme (19-20)

  1. Employment in professional, scientific and technical services.

This industry is related to the science and technology being dominant in the trending industries. In context to Australia, the expected increment in the industry is about 12.5 % with the increase of 126,400 jobs in the sector(“ABS,”2017). Most dominant job career includes computer system design, software development and related service sector with increment by 21.9 % i.e. 54,200 on the top current number of jobs. Moreover, such huge growth is also contributed by the architectural, engineering and technical service sector with increment of 26,600 and, legal and account services contribute with the increment of 18,500 in next 5 years(“AED,”2016).


  1. Construction:

Increase in residential industry has led to the increase in the construction industry resulting in the increase of employment by 12.1 % i.e. 120,777 employers by 2022(“ABS,”2017). Economical market of the construction industry is expected to increase by AUD 455 billion in the next five years. the construction industry has the rapid pace in the industry, in comparison to the other competitive industries. However, in comparison to the past five years and coming five years – construction industry is expected to decrease by the 2.45% -“according to the statistics bureau.


  1. Employment in education and training:

School aged population, growth in international students and demands for adult education and vocational training has resulted in expected increase of employment in the education and training industry by the 12 % i.e. 116,200(“ABS,”2017). The expected increase in the economy of the industry is expected as increase of 25.4 % of the current economic situation of the industry.


  1. Accommodation and food services:

It is taken as the one of the prominent industry as it is expected to raise by 11.2 percent i.e. 97,600 over the next five years(“AED,”2016). In context to Australia, increase in tourism industry has led to such increment in the accommodation and food industry. Decrease in Australian dollar and increase in the international student has widely contributed in the mass increment of the career in industry.


  1. Public administration and safety:

Public administration and safety industry has more than 766,400 people in the industry with the expected to increase by 7.5 % in the next five years (“ABS,”2017). In the past 5 years, the increment in the industry is about by 10.3 % which is higher than the expected future rate. In comparison, the pace of increase in career in industry is less than the past 5 years. (Labour market information portal,2017)


  1. Retail trade:

Global retail trade has the huge market and is expected to open door of employment for more than 134,600 employees with the increase rate of the 9.7 percent.         Globally, retail trade is expected to reach the amount of around 27.73 trillion by the year 2020(“ABS,”2017). However, in context to Australia – it is expected to increase by 3.7 with the employment of more than 45,600. However, due to increasing trends of the online shopping – department store sectors are suspected to reduce by 8.9 percent by 2022


  1. Transport, postal and warehousing:

According to the Australian labour market, this industry employees more than 635,000 employees till date and is expected to increase career rate by 4 % i.e. around 75,000 in the industry(“ABS,”2017).  Increasing population and traffic has led to such increase of career in the industry. The job trends in the transport and warehouse market looks quite demanding according to the global job market as well.


  1. Mining employment:

Mining industry can be taken as one of the strongest industry in the past years however due to the lower interest in the exploration in comparison to the other industry, the pace is decreasing. Although, the mining employment is expected to increase by 2.4 % or 5600 in the next five years making the total employment of 37,500(“ABS,”2017). The numbers for the industry looks quite mass but in the years 2012, it was equal to the 74,300. The slightly increment of the job market is due to the increasing interest in the mining of gold and high demand of the metal.


  1. Manufacture:

Manufacture industry is one of the dominant industry in the market with the increase rate of about 13.23 % globally(“AED,”2016). However, in context to Australia, the career in the manufacturing industry is expected to decline by 4.2 % over the next 5 years(“ABS,”2017). Such dropping of the manufacture is driven by the closure of the major motor part manufacture. Also, the shutdown of the ford and Toyota is reflected in the reduction.

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