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10 best places to work in IT ( technology)


Last updated on April 21, 2019


The tech sector, one of the fastest-growing segments of the economy, is also famously one of the best industries for employees. (Hello hoodies and ping pong tables.) But there’s more to creating a great workplace than perks. Fortune partner Great Place to work surveyed more than 79,000 people at technology companies across the country to find the ones that not only talked the talk, but backed it up with generous benefits, a strong culture, and mutual trust between management and staff. These are the best tech companies to work for in 2018, sorted into categories of large, and small or medium. Read our full methodology.

Large Companies


1. Ultimate Software


Courtesy of Petra Ford/Ultimate Software

U.S. headquarters: Weston, Fla.
Industry vertical: Online Internet services
Number of U.S. employees: 3,972

Employees say:

“This company has changed my life as I could never imagine. I have never worked in a company where CEO and CPO are like family. You can go up to them and give them a hug without even thinking. They make our Ultimate life so rewarding.”

“The executive leadership team has always been a consistent part of Ultimate and their focus has never wavered. Ultimate has been about Culture, Product and Service since the beginning and despite early financial struggles, the executive leadership team has always been about taking care of the employees, so they can build better products and serve customers in the best way possible. That consistent message and leadership has built a truly outstanding organization and one that I am proud to say I am involved with now and in the future. I truly can’t think of a place I would rather be than at Ultimate. I am proud to be an Ulti-Peep.”

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2. Workday


Courtesy of Workday

U.S. headquarters: Pleasanton, Calif.
Industry vertical: Software
Number of U.S. employees: 5,473

Employees say:

“There are no intimidating levels. I feel comfortable walking up and talking to any of our executives and knowing they will engage in meaningful conversation. Everyone here is so willing to help and contribute regardless of their title or rank.”

“Disagreements are generally because each party has a genuinely different view of what is in the best interest of the customer/company and therefore discussion is from a perspective of mutual respect and genuinely trying to resolve the issue at hand. There are a lot of very high quality people at Workday who genuinely care about what is best for the customers and company as a whole and will strive to do what is possible to achieve this.”

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3. Salesforce


Wild About You Photography

U.S. headquarters: San Francisco
Industry vertical: Software
Number of U.S. employees: 17,417

Employees say:

“Our CEO puts a lot of effort into making sure all employees are valued and rewarded and has established an overall vision for Salesforce’s culture on that basis. Leadership takes it from there and designs programs to carry out that vision.”

“Salesforce is a great place to work because you are truly appreciated as an individual. One big aspect of that is the manager-employee relationship, which from day 1 was a brand new experience for me. My manager actually took an active interest in me personally as well as professionally. As an engineer, he gave me practical advice and helped me plan out a timeline for my career trajectory based on my goals. I had a say in what projects I worked on, instead of just being handed work blindly. I was given opportunities each release to get more visibility from higher-ups. Most importantly, though, is that when I completed everything on the plan, he kept his word and I was rewarded with a promotion. It really blew me away that it was that simple and made me realize how much was lacking from managers I had had at previous companies.”

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4. World Wide Technology


Courtesy of World Wide Technology

U.S. headquarters: St. Louis, Mo.
Industry vertical: Hardware, software, online Internet services, IT consulting, storage/data management
Number of U.S. employees: 4,128

Employees say:

“There is a great sense of community and openness that surrounds WWT as a whole. I think there is a great amount of collaboration, innovation and team work between different areas of the business. It’s a relaxed and friendly work environment.”

“I’ve never been exposed to company that is so positive, promotes innovation and sharing information and ideas. It is truly a place that you wish everyone could experience, if they did they wouldn’t want to leave, but if they had to, they would take the experience with them and make them better. What makes it so great? Everyone’s attitude! Everyone wants to see success, not just for them, but for the entire team.”

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5. SAP America


Courtesy of SAP America

U.S. headquarters: Newtown Square, Pa.
Industry vertical: Software
Number of U.S. employees: 18,379

Employees say:

“It’s easy to feel like you’re not making an impact when you work for a multi-national corporation, but at SAP, risk-taking and big thinking is encouraged. If you have an idea and a plan to get it done, no one will stop you from bringing it to life.”

“SAP is a unique place to work because the company is investing in the next generation of leaders. SAP understands the power of preparing the young work force to collaborate on the challenges of today and tomorrow. To harness the early talent perspective and ensure the early talent is fully leveraged inside SAP, the company is offering a wide variety of on-boarding tools to jump start our careers. When I first joined SAP Marketing, I was fortunate enough to attend the SAP Marketing Early Talent Academy with 25 early talent individuals from 9 different countries. The two weeks of workshops, training and social outreach projects (with individuals that will soon carry the torch and lead the company to new heights) was an experience I will never forget. It has fundamentally reshaped my perspective of SAP, my career and has instilled a great passion for the company I now call home.”

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6. Zillow Group


Courtesy of Shidume Lozada/Zillow Group

U.S. headquarters: Seattle
Industry vertical: Online Internet services
Number of U.S. employees: 2,908

Employees say:

“It’s the people who really believe in the core values of the company that boil down to just being a good human being. This all comes from the top of the leadership of the company that have a true ‘what you see, is what you get’ structure.”

“We are given a great deal of opportunities to voice our opinions/suggestions and concerns. Everyone has a voice, regardless of position, which is not always the case at other companies. There is a strong team vibe on a daily basis across all departments and at a company level, which is not an easy task being as large as we have grown.”

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7. Intuit


Courtesy of Intuit

U.S. headquarters: Mountain View, Calif.
Industry vertical: Software
Number of U.S. employees: 6,389

Employees say:

“Intuit is a great place to work because leadership encourages growth and change. Change is a constant around here, whether it is people moving or projects and priorities shift. Employees embrace this and gain the experience of how to adapt.”

“I started working here when I was fresh out of high school, and now nearly 15 years later I love Intuit even more than the day I started working here. Because of the environment that Intuit fosters I have grown professionally and individually more than I ever thought possible. Every manager I have had has embodied the Intuit Values and created a safe environment for me to experiment and learn. I feel empowered to try new ways of making our customer’s lives better. I love that, at the end of the day, what truly matters is that we are in the business to help people not just to make a profit.”

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Alex Wong—Getty Images

U.S. headquarters: Santa Clara, Calif.
Number of U.S. employees: 5,658

Employees say:

“The CEO is not only a great leader but also a person you can engage with. He cares for every single employee in the company. He recently helped my family in a very critical personal crisis and I owe my life to him for it.”

“NVIDIA’s culture is to empower each person in the company to use their expertise to help take thoughtful, aggressive risks and learn from either success or failure. It is to enable each individual, and by extension the organization, to be a learning machine running at a pace that is not gated by any external process, only themselves. It is both immensely exciting and incredibly challenging, and unique in my experience across companies. It is a culture that has taken dedicated effort to grow organically over time, and will not be easily deflected. As a result it has been able to survive and absorb significant company growth while retaining it’s core character. A truly special place to work, and an exceptional group of people to work with.”

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9. VMware


Courtesy of Damion I. Hamilton

U.S. headquarters: Palo Alto, Calif.
Industry vertical: Software
Number of U.S. employees: 9,771

Employees say:

“I feel that at VMware we are really valued and I feel that my contribution counts. I feel that I’m trusted with a responsibility to do whats best for the company and that I am an ambassador for the company.”

“Aside from its ability to adapt and continually make industry changing contributions, this place is so philanthropic and conscious of society and the Earth. I have never felt so much inspiration to give back to my community or to adjust my lifestyle to be less of a strain on the Earth. And the best part is the company rewards you for doing so. I give this credit to our leader, Pat Gelsinger, who truly lives the values he speaks. Also this company hosts its own internal research conference annually where anyone in R&D can submit their ideas of how to improve the company or help the industry. The great part is that these ideas are listened to, these projects can get funding for incubation and then turn into full out teams and then products that are customer facing. I haven’t heard of this process at other companies. Additionally, we host many other conferences for Women in Tech etc.”

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10. Adobe Systems


Denis Poroy—AP Images for Adobe

U.S. headquarters: San Jose, Calif.
Industry vertical: Software
Number of U.S. employees: 8,673

Employees say:

“This company is about working together, not beating out your peer for recognition. One key example of that is the founders award, one of the key criteria for winning the award is how you have helped others to succeed.”

“Not only are contributions from all positions and experience levels welcomed, they are expected. I have not worked for another company that offers as many opportunities to contribute directly to new and changing initiatives. Decisions within a given product are arrived at via consensus when possible, and objections or dissenting views are not shunned, even when the ultimate outcome does not change. This has also brought growth opportunities for me, as a people manager, to focus on coaching and mentoring my team, vs directing or dictating to them. It is rewarding to see both the people and the product evolve over time, and know that I’ve made a significant impact to the employee and customer experience.”



More than 79,000 U.S. employees provided input to this year’s Best Workplaces in Technology list.

Great Place to Work analyzed each company’s performance on over 50 survey questions anonymously rated by their staff. All employees were invited to participate in the survey, which is designed to reveal whether the organization is consistently a great place to work for all its people. Meaning:

  • Do employees trust the people they work for?
  • Are they treated fairly and with respect?
  • Are people proud of their work?
  • Do they enjoy the folks they work with?
  • Are great experiences available to everyone—or does it depend upon who you are and what job you perform?
  • How effective are executives at leading the organization and giving everyone an opportunity to innovate and contribute to the organization’s success?
  • How does the workplace compare to others in this industry?

Great Place to Work also collected demographic and program data from companies, but rankings were driven by employee feedback. To be considered, companies had to meet the Great Place to Work-Certified standard and their survey results needed at least a 95% confidence level, and a 5% margin of error or lower.

To learn more about Great Place to Work Certification and be considered for Best Workplaces lists published by Fortune, visit

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